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the home of the carolina furs
all are welcome!
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Pride Wolf
You asked for it and you got it!!! Bunny is going out of town, so we are taking over and keeping reg open until August 7th at Midnight! Why should I pre-reg? Well make sure you get the right size shirt and all the goodies. (this is especially important for Sponsor and Super Sponsor!) So get pre-reg'd and get ready for fun!!!
24th-Jul-2014 12:09 pm - Pre-reg for MFM!
Pride Wolf
Rock that reg!!!

Remember last year’s challenge from Tyger for everyone to bring someone new to MFM? Help us make that happen!!

We know it's all fun and games, but hey, we have to pay our bills too! That's where registration comes in. We know you work hard to earn your money, so we try to give you the most bang for your con-going buck. Not only do we have a regular membership, but if you have some more money to spend and want to help out the convention, sign up for one of our higher levels. We'll even give you some nice thank you gifts for giving us your extra dough.

There's a little less than one week to go to pre-register for MFM 2014! If you wait until after pre-registration closes you'll have to register at the door -- and pay the door registration prices. Save yourself a few bucks and pre-register today while you still can!

30th-Jan-2014 03:53 pm - When is the next fumeet/con?
Hi there! I was wondering when your next meeting or convention would be, preferably within 25-50 miles from winston salem, thanks!

,a member
9th-Jun-2013 12:04 pm - MFM looking for panels and events!
Pride Wolf
The Mephit Fur Meet in Memphis (Olive Branch, MS) is looking for panels, events and games for our schedule over Labor Day Weekend! http://www.mephitfurmeet.org

Things like:
Art Panels
Writing Panels
Fursuit Panels
Board & Table Games and Tournaments
Music Panels & Performances
Video Games & Tournaments
Regional Group Meetups
Hobbies & Interests Meetups
Demos of all kinds!
and more!!!!

Message programming@mephitfurmeet.org to get things rolling!
International and languages - Sunny's to
Greetings folks.

There will be a potluck picnic gathering hosted by Charlotte Furs at Park Road Park on May 5th from Noon - 8PM.

Information about Park Road Park: http://charmeck.org/mecklenburg/county/ParkandRec/Parks/ParksByRegion/SouthRegion/Pages/ParkRoad.aspx

To help offset the reservation cost it will be $5/person, and you will receive a badge. There is plenty of room in the park to spread out. The shelter itself can hold up to 30 people sitting within it.

The reserved space includes:
*Grill (feel free to also bring one, please give a heads up)

Features in the park:
*72 acres
*12 lighted tennis courts
*8 basketball courts
*2 horseshoe pits
*6 baseball/softball fields
*Volleyball court
*Walking trails
*11 acre lake with pier
*1 playground

Any games (physical or card games) are encouraged. Fursuiting in the park is allowed. Changing space will not be provided. If anyone wishes to donate a tent for the day for folks to change in please let me know. For the health and safety of those attending we will need to keep it dry (please no alcohol) and smoke free event.

To RSVP, please reply to the post. Payment can be given on site or sent via Pay Pal to chillymouse [at] gmail.com (please use the Personal Tab, and select "Other."). Donations are always welcome!
Nashville, Tennessee is calling.  The pre registration deadline date for Fangcon is OCT. 1st.  You need to get those registrations in and get those rooms reserved before the room block goes away.  If you are going to sponsor or super sponsor, you need to get registered to be sure to get that special swag we have to have made up.  We have PERSONALIZED sketch books and PERSONALIZED lenticular (3-D) badges for Super Sponsors.  This is something never offered at a con before.

Be one of the ones who can say "I was there at the first one".  First year cons need your support, and if you go, you get to brag to all of your buddies at later cons that you were at the first one.  I know that I missed the first Furry Fiesta and have always regretted it.  We have lots going on and have put forth a lot of effort to make this con special.  Right now, Paypal is on the fritz because we are waiting to get some paperwork squared away with them.  You can stilll register though.  If you pre register now, you will get the pre register price and can pay at the con.

Please forward this to your fur friends and help us launch some new traditions in the Fandom.

Fangcon.org is the site to check out some of the great things we have coming for you.

31st-Jul-2012 09:43 pm - MFM Pre-Reg Ends TOMORROW!
Pride Wolf
Tomorrow, 8/1, is the FINAL day to pre-reg for the 2012 Mephit Fur Meet!! It's going to be an amazing weekend with lots of new and different things!
Why should you register?
Faster to get your con badge at MFM!
Make sure you don't have to wait for your correct tshirt size!
Make sure you get all the amazing goodies that come with Sponsor and Super Sponsor Membership!

It's the Year of the Skunk and you don't want to miss this!!
http://www.mephitfurmeet.org #MFM2012
7th-Jun-2012 01:52 am - Coming Back Home
Hi, Im Myka, was born and raised  in NC all my life, moved to NY for a bit and now im coming back. This community looks a little abandoned so i dont kno if anyone will see this but, hope to meet some of yall and hang
30th-Apr-2012 12:58 pm - hi
hi, im draa or red. im new to furry but have lived in sc all 25 years of my life, im here looking for some friends to hang out with. send me a post soon,bye..;)
Update on Lion King 3D movie gathering:

Sorry folks for not keeping everyone up to date about my plans, just back from Taiwan on Monday and still taking care a number of things on my end :3

Anyway, I am thinking gather people together on the 16th to see Lion King, for the 9:30PM show, at Regal Brier Creek Stadium 14

8611 Brier Creek
Raleigh, NC 27617
(919) 361-1115


I don't know if lion king is still popular enough that people will be getting in lines to see it that evening, I suggest anyone who'd like to attend get the tickets ahead of time please, as early as possible.

Currently there's no dinner plan at this point, but may or may not have something planned today/ tomorrow, I will update it the best I can. Also I kind hope to hang after the movie, can anyone think of any coffee shop or restaurants that open late so we can stay?

Please please let me know what you think~
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