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Fangcon Pre registration deadline almost here.

Nashville, Tennessee is calling.  The pre registration deadline date for Fangcon is OCT. 1st.  You need to get those registrations in and get those rooms reserved before the room block goes away.  If you are going to sponsor or super sponsor, you need to get registered to be sure to get that special swag we have to have made up.  We have PERSONALIZED sketch books and PERSONALIZED lenticular (3-D) badges for Super Sponsors.  This is something never offered at a con before.

Be one of the ones who can say "I was there at the first one".  First year cons need your support, and if you go, you get to brag to all of your buddies at later cons that you were at the first one.  I know that I missed the first Furry Fiesta and have always regretted it.  We have lots going on and have put forth a lot of effort to make this con special.  Right now, Paypal is on the fritz because we are waiting to get some paperwork squared away with them.  You can stilll register though.  If you pre register now, you will get the pre register price and can pay at the con.

Please forward this to your fur friends and help us launch some new traditions in the Fandom. is the site to check out some of the great things we have coming for you.

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