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Carolina Furs
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A group for furries of North Carolina and South Carolina, as well as surrounding areas.
What's a furry?

In short, we're a group of people from the furry fandom that live in the North and South Carolina areas. For more information on what exactly a furry is, please visit this resource on the furry wikipedia site, Wikifur.
How to join

This is the easy part! To join this community, please just click the button you see above that says 'join community', or you can just click here to be taken straight to that page. Membership is un-moderated, so as soon as you join, you can post!

Just like any other social community, we do have a few rules that we ask you abide by.

- Please do not post anything rated higher than PG-13! We do have younger folk in this community, so lets keep it clean!
- Keep the flames to the fireplace, please
- This community is not meant for memes, quizzes, and other such things. Short questionaires about your fursona or related to the fandom are acceptable, however.
- If you have any questions, please feel free to contact banrai
Where else are we active?

Well, for starters we have a Yahoo! mailing list. It's very easy to join that, all that you have to have is a Yahoo ID, and you can have the posts sent directly to your regular e-mail inbox. Click here for more information on how to join.
If you're a member of FurAffinity, we have a small community where we usually post announcements and there is also a listing of all the people that have accounts from the Carolinas so you can try and find people from your area. The community is located right here!
We have a Facebook group, which you can join by going right here!
We also have a large, active community on the game SecondLife. For more information on joining us in-game, please click here. Unfortunately there's no way to link directly to our group, but if you log into the game and do a group search for "CarolinaFurs", you'll find us quite easily!

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